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About Us

Farncombe Community Garden is a not-for-profit charity that aims to bring the local community together in a working garden. Our vision is to grow community wellbeing by gardening together. 

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Site of the garden

The garden is located on a previously unused piece of land adjacent to Broadwater Lodge Care Home and opposite Broadwater School


The land is set back from Summers Road and surrounded by lovely mature trees. It is bordered by the care home, to the railway line to the North West and a stream on its North East border.


The nature of the site

The garden site is ideal for a community garden, with a large central grassy area surrounded by mature woodland, creating. a lovely, secluded feel and a connection to nature despite being right in Farncombe. The location next to the care home and the school will allow us to make connections with out neighbours, and both the home and the school are excited about the project happening on their doorstep. 

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