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A New Year and the garden is beginning!

Welcome to our first update of the year! Now we have our new website up and running it is great to be able to add a news item and know it will go out to all our subscribers!

Beginning just before Christmas, it has been fantastic to start regular working parties at the garden every Saturday morning from 10-12am. Come rain or shine we have had a cheerful band of volunteers turn up to spend whatever time they can working together, cutting back and clearing areas of the garden where we will be laying paths and putting in some of the first beds. Each week there have been new people and at last it feels like we are starting to form community! Do join us if you can, although we understand that at the moment this is the heavier work of gardening and for the more able-bodied amongst us! No need to tell us you are coming, just turn up and join in!

We are within a whisker of signing the lease with the council and can then get some of the infrastructure in place, such as paths, removing diseased trees and fencing, using some of the grant money we have raised. We are also delighted to have received a new grant of £12 000 for a composting toilet from the Community Fund for Surrey which is fantastic - and vital for us to be able to make the garden accessible for all! Thank you Surrey!

Once we have a timetable to get some of this work started we are planning to start mid week sessions that will involve some regular gardening! Even while we are still getting infrastructure in place we hope to start some simple planting and sewing this spring - some potatoes will go in the ground for sure! So watch out for updates on this!


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