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Callout for help with tree planting!

Now that the fence is in place we have hundreds of saplings to plant along the fence line in order to create a hedgerow. The saplings are all British native trees like hawthorne and blackthorne and we will be planting them close together in order to cover the wire fence, making it more attractive, stronger for the future and creating a great environment for wildlife. There will need to be some clearing on the side of the fence, and plenty of work with a trowel!

Please come and help the team if you are able! We will be doing the planting on our usual Wednesday session on Wednesday 29th November, but starting earlier than usual, with the session running from 12-3pm. Do join us for part or all of the time so that we can make really good progress with the planting and have a great time together.

There is parking on site now, so you can easily park off the road in our new car park!


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