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Evening dates - come and join us!

If you are busy in the day and on Saturday mornings you may have missed out on the chance to join a working party at the garden, so why not make use of these long warm evenings we are having and come and join us at the garden one evening?

We have some evenings in the next few weeks when there will be a working party at the garden from 6pm-7.30. Everyone is welcome to come down to take a look a round and join in with the work of the garden.

The range of jobs you can do is increasing all the time - there are bulbs to plant following a generous donation of daffodils and tulips we have been given, gentle weeding around the fruit and veg we have already planted, hoeing the paths that have been cut out so that they don't get overgrown before we get the proper pathing in, cutting back the laurel hedge between the garden and broadwater care home, laying the deadhedge, and, or course, helping to keep on top of the more vigorous weeds we coexist with!

And then there is the most important job of all - taking a moment to stop and enjoy the amazing community haven we are creating!

The dates are as follows:

Thurs 22nd June

Thurs 29th June

Wed 5th July

Wed 19th July

These dates are in addition to our regular Saturday mornings every Saturday from 10-12 and the midweek daytime sessions that were included in the last news update here.

As always at the moment, since we have nowhere yet to store tools on site, please bring garden gloves and tools with you if you are able.

And finally, for a bit of an update... while we are still waiting for confirmation of planning permission for some of the work we want to do, the fencing will be starting this month, the water supply should be connected over the summer holidays (Thames water are likely to want to wait until after school term is over before they start digging up the road, which seems sensible given the school is one of our closest neighbours!) and the composting toilet should be arriving in the next month or so! It is all happening!


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