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Exciting news!

We have so many exciting updates to give you! The biggest of all is that we now have planning permission! This means we can put in all the infrastructure we need to make the garden accessible to all and to become the working space we really want it to become.

It has been a long process to get this far, with so many steps in securing the lease from the council before we could even apply for planning permission, but now all the plans we have in place to make the site secure, lay paths suitable for wheelchairs, place a composting toilet, fit a container to store tools and a erect poly-tunnel for growing can at last become a reality!

We have already had work begin on laying out the paths, which will be filled with a robust self-binding gravel so that everyone can move around the garden without difficulty - take a look at the photos of the paths taking shape below! Our composting toilet has arrived, ready to be constructed, and work on fencing the site to make it secure will start soon.

And in the meantime, look at the cauliflower that has grown this year! We've been so delighted with the veg plots that have already started to make our garden feel like a proper garden. The fertile soil on the site and the pig manure that was kindly donated by Broadwater Lodge care home has led to astonishing results! And all without any water on the site! We should be on mains water soon, as Thames Water have given us a date for connection in half term. Having running water on site will make such a difference!

Just a reminder, that from Wednesday 4th October we will be holding regular sessions every Wednesday from 1-3pm, as well as our regular Saturday sessions. Come and join us if you can!

Our new paths are taking shape, as is a newly constructed compost bin!


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