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July Update

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

We have made some tremendous progress to date with the garden project, including:

  • Becoming legal tenants of the site

  • Becoming a registered charity

  • Being recognised as eligible to claim gift aid on donations by the HMRC

  • Completing a full ecological survey

  • Completing tree surveys for both health and safety as well as to support our planning application

  • Receiving a £10000 grant from the National Lottery Community fund to put towards laying accessible paths in the garden

  • Receiving a grant of £2500 from councillor Penny Rivers towards fencing for the garden

  • Raising over £400 from out plant stand at the Mayor's tea party

The work we are focusing on now is:

  • Exploring options to remove some of the trees seriously affected by ash die-back which pose a safety concern and so have to be taken out

  • Exploring options for levelling a large area of the land and removing brambles. The site is very uneven and so quite treacherous underfoot. Levelling a large area, and removing brambles, requires heavy machinery and so we are looking at options for getting help with this.

  • Exploring options for getting water on the site, as well as either mains sewerage, or a compostable toilet.

  • Finalising our planning application so that we can install fencing, dig a pond, put in raised beds, a polytunnel and, ultimately, a building.

  • Gathering supplies, such as wood, that we can use to build raised beds and other features in the future.

  • Applying for further grants.


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