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Plants needed!

Last year we had a really successful plant sale at the Mayor's garden party which raised over £400 for the garden, helped people to get some great plants and got the word out there about the garden. It was such a great thing to do that we are going to do it again!!

This year we will have a stand at the Farncombe Village Show

at St John's Church

on Saturday 20th May 11-3pm.

For the sale to week we need plants to sell and so please consider if you can donate plants for our stall. Here are some ideas of what you might want to donate:

  • Spare seedings from your spring planting. We all end up with too many! Any spare flowers, fruit or veg that you are sowing this year would make ideal plants for the stall.

  • Have your strawberry plants multiplied with runners and you could pot some up for us?

  • Perhaps there are some perennials in your garden that are ready to be divided and you could pot some up for us? Many can be divided at this time of year before they put on too much growth, for instance, this is the ideal time of year to divide ornamental grasses.

  • Do you have plants that have self-seeded and you could spare? If they are in the wrong place then you instead of just taking them out you could pop them in a pot and bring them to us!

  • Have your dahlias overwintered well and you could spare a few tubers, or take some cuttings for us?

Here's how to get the plants to us

Please pot them up and please label them so that we know what they are! You can then bring them either to the garden at one of our Saturday sessions, where there is always someone there from 10-12 noon (and do take a look around to see how the garden is taking shape while you are there!), or drop them off at Binscombe medical centre (put them round the left hand side of the building (the side away from the pharmacy) and we will know what they are there for!

There is no need to put a price on the plants as we found last year that the best way to run the stall was to ask people to make a donation for the plants they would like to take away with them.

Please remember that if you drop them off at the practice at a weekend then there won't be anyone to water them before the practice opens on Monday (or Tuesday if it is one of the bank holiday weekends).

You can drop the plants off any time between now and the show and we will look after them, or even bring them to our stall on the day if you are coming.

Do also come to the show if you can - there may be some plants you can't resist taking away with you!


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