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Really important! Please support our vital grant application!

Now that we have secured planning permission, we have been able to put together our most important grant application to Your Fund Surrey, a large fund set aside to support projects exactly like ours.

We need your support to be successful!

The more positive comments we get on the Your Fund Surrey website the more likely we are to succeed so please take the time to follow this link and make a comment. All you need is a minute or two to add your comment and an email that you can verify. The voice of local people connected the project will be particularly important, but anyone in he UK can make a comment.

The main feature in the grant application is to secure the funding for a building on the garden site. This is what makes the garden project so ambitious and exciting. With a building we will be able to have somewhere to shelter from the rain, make that all important cup of tea, hold social events, craft events and more. It will havve a transforming effect on the whole project and is a key part of our vision for our community.

Please follow the link to offer your support, and share the link widely with family and friends and on social media to help us make this a success!

We have until 14th January to make the comments, after which the application will be closed to future comments, so please help us today if at all possible. Thank you so much!


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